You mean she lied? Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! SFFS for 1-18

Welcome back and Happy New year!

Today’s snippet is from my science fiction/space opera TRIAD. Here’s the basic story:

After five years of silence, the Arkosian space pirates are back to terrorize the sector where Trezanna Len fights to save her Solarii colony, a small group of Terran descendants settled on the planet Induna. To survive, the Solarii need assistance soon.

Trezanna could ask for help from the neighboring group called Dragonfleet, but its cruel leader Estrella Drake has been on a rampage to annex Solarii space. Estrella would never agree to an alliance with the Solarii. Or would she?


So for awhile, she agrees to an alliance. Things seem good. People relax and drink tea. But then….


The attack came without warning, without even a hint of danger. Estrella’s DragonFleet warriors appeared fully Veiled already over the base, strafing the compound with brutal rounds of laser fire.

“Battle stations!” Caught in his seat in the command center, Julian McKinley was the first stunned officer to react. “In case anyone hadn’t noticed,” he muttered. He sent the call basewide, then his feet hit the floor for the hangar bay.

Catava Rolon, hair wrapped tight, all business now, met Trezanna Len at the entry to C Wing as Trezanna exited the Commons, yanking on a leather flight jacket over her soft blue blouse.  “Is it Estrella?” she asked as the two of them ran the long way around.

 “Of course. She’s probably had this up her sleeve for some time, just waiting for an opportunity to use it as the Khimeyr’s welcome mat.”


Don’t they say women in the military work better together?

Or maybe Miss Estrella Drake just has some serious mental health issues. (I’d vote for this one!)

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  1. It’s a trap! It’s these “in your face danger” situations that a character can really shine through. I expect to see a few acts of extreme courage coming up soon and who rises as a true leader for the group. “use it as the Khimeyr’s welcome mat.” – great line!

  2. Or it’s a trap to make it look as if Estrella’s working against them.

  3. I like the line “hair wrapped tight – all business now”. My wife always says she can’t think straight when her hair is loose – obviously Catava is of the same view!