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More fantasy goodness!

The incomparable Carrie James Haynes has released Whispers of a Legend, Part Two- The Path Now Turned. Book One is now free at B&N (see below)–get caught up with this fantasy tale in time to put the new release on your Christmas list! Amazon link-​Whispers-Legend-Part-Turned-ebo​ok/dp/B006F6457C/​ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=13224785​37&sr=8-2 Barnes and Noble link-​w/books/​1036953042?ean=2940013531253&it​m=2&usri=whispers+of+a+legend+​part Smashwords link-​books/view/108794 Whispers [...]

NaNo writers continue…

Today with Eryn Lockhart, talking about her new book After Midnight, and the fascinating historical research she was allowed to conduct in the library of Oxford University. Come by and visit!

Speculative Fiction’s Fascination with Green Beings

Continuing our fascination with science fiction this week, and especially because my new hero is a green-skinned reptilian shapeshifter, the Clan Elves welcome author Bryce Ellicott! Take it away, Bryce! I have always found our collective fascination with “little green men” to be, well, fascinating. Not so much the “little” part, but the “green” part. [...]

It was great–till the landing

I spent an invigorating session with romance author Kellie Kamryn, who put me through my gymnastic paces to talk about THE ELF CHILD. Check out the interview–and the sprained ankle–here. She’s also posted in our OTHER WRITERS, OTHER WORLDS section today, talking about a spicy pleasure resort featured in her most recent story.  In other [...]

Another great review for The Elf Queen! 4.0 Recommendation at GraveTells!

Today’s news is a recommended review at GraveTells, a site which normally focuses more on paranormal romance, but as the reviewer says,  ”Although Elf Queen is a Fantasy with Romantic elements rather than a Paranormal Romance, I believe it will appeal to readers who prefer less sexual tension in books, and it is entirely appropriate for [...]