SFFS for September 1: It’s not easy being a technomage

This week’s snippet is from book four of the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, which I’m writing as we speak. It’s titled THE ELF GUARDIAN and is due out early next year.

The quandary in the beginning of the story is that a defrocked but flashy paranormal investigator named Chiara DeLuna comes to the forest to investigate the Montana Vortex, hoping to make her name tops in the business again. She arrives just as the elves are about to conduct their solstice ritual–collision course ahead!

Lane Donatelli, now a “technomage” of the elf clan, has to do his part in the upcoming ritual, at the same time the clan is trying to fend off this investigator. If he was playing this out in his online game, he’d have no worries, but in real life? What’s a technomage to do?


Lane’s mind wandered, considering the possibility of the wind ‘speaking’ to anyone, a ridiculous thought. Despite the fact he’d been exposed to magic among the elves, and the fact he spent half his waking hours (and some of his sleeping ones, too) engaged in an ephemeral zone of bits and bytes in the online game that was so much less than real, he found it hard to believe that someone could commune with nature to such an extent. He’d seen it; Jelani had the power to heal broken trees and damaged stands of wood and grass. But he still didn’t believe it.
Fighting Yoda-scolding from his head, he tried to concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing. Good thing, too, because just about then, Jelly Bean turned to him and asked, “And what can we expect from the amazing technomage department?”
The sparkle in her eyes showed that she teased him, and for just a moment she looked like his dear friend the barista, before the cares and worries of being a queen settled on her shoulders. He owed her more than just a light moment between good old buddies. As her colleague and advisor, she was counting on him for something magnificent.
And he had nothing.

Boy, is he in trouble now.

Find out more about THE ELF QUEEN, THE ELF CHILD and THE ELF MAGE at the tabs above, or at http://lyndialexander.wordpress.com. You can buy the books at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and a host of other sources–find them at Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

Find more great science fiction and fantasy snippets at Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday’s main page. I love this group of authors–what great imaginations!


  1. And what a great imagination you have! I love the idea of a techno-mage, what great world building.

  2. Enjoyed the last paragraph (and the closing tag), but then I’m just a fan of dialogue over narrative…good stuff, though!

  3. I’m liking your story more and more with each snippet I read. Great stuff here! Your work just inspired another story for me.

  4. Great stuff!! Love the names and your quirky humour!!

  5. Sweet! I love this internal tension you’ve got going. Nicely done!

  6. Lyndi

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  7. So what’s he supposed to do? Get the wind to speak to his computer?

  8. Lyndi

    Everyone’s doing different parts of this ritual, and the mage of the air is talking about how the wind speaks to her. Lane is like “Whatever,” totally ignoring the fact that he deals with similarly unreal ephemera every day online. He’s solidly in the technical world, even though one of the elves has infused his laptop with magic. So he’s got to come up with some part of the ritual that uses his technical skillset/or the magic computer that will also help the ritual to tame the out-of-control energy vortex. And he can’t think of anything.

  9. I like the history between Jelly Bean and Lane, especially how you hint at it here without going overboard and drawing us away from the present action. Nice layering!!

    :) Heidi

  10. Ha ha. Love the last line. Can feel him suddenly scrambling to think of something.

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