Don’t mess with a WoW-charactered, slobber-dripping Orc….SFFS for May 19

This snippet is from the third book in the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, The Elf Mage, published by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc., (buy links here) available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all the usual sources.

Here’s the blurb: Daven Talvi made a choice a quarter-century ago to serve the Bitterroot Elf Clan, allowing the Circle of Elders to send him into suspended animation until the queen could be rescued. In doing so, he gave up his mate and his newborn son, sacrificing his own life for that of the clan. It had been a mistake. With the clan now in chaos and the new young queen in hiding, Daven must acknowledge his own errors and take responsibility to set things right. He teams up with Lane Donatelli, a human who has too long used food and computer gaming to feed his own insecurities. Together, they use Lane’s technology with Daven’s innate magical abilities to wage battle against the evil elf mages threatening the clan.

Lane’s specifically used a laptop one of the elves has infused with magic to manifest one of his toon warriors into the real world, the subject of today’s snippet:

The door burst open, but didn’t fly off its hinges, as he would have surely guessed with such a rickety piece of wood. Out came a huge green being, thick-bodied with rippling muscles and a sword in each hammy hand. Black clothing covered most of its body, and its chest covered with chunky leather armor. The thing dripped slobber from an impressive row of sharp teeth, and when it stepped forward, the ground shook. It stopped two elves’ lengths in front of him, leaned its head back and roared, a sound that vibrated the branches overhead and rattled Vez’s bones.
“I am Xiomar the Mighty!” it cried in a bold, deep voice. “I fight to protect the elf prince. Prepare to die!”

Sounds like it would work, right? But Lane just hasn’t quite figured it out yet…

Learn more about the Clan Elves at this site or at Lyndi’s main website.

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  1. Uh oh! Sounds like a major problem! Can’t wait to see how Lane gets out of this…

  2. Wait a minute! An orc is defending an elf?! That is one messed-up orc!

  3. Lyndi

    Pixelated, even….at least originally. :)

  4. Eww, slobber… Maybe it’s like those monsters from Monsters Inc…you know, just clocking in trying to scare people…

  5. Wait… You say it stopped ‘two elves’ lengths in front of him’, but you didn’t say if those were wood-elves’ lengths or dark-elves’ lengths! That difference may prove fateful… :)

    Lovely snippet!

  6. Cassandra Davis

    That’s a pretty articulate orc. Usually they just grunt. And drool. And bleed. Mostly bleed…

  7. Orcs can talk? I thought they just died to give you XP. :-s

  8. Sounds like a typical computer glitch. Or is this what he was TRYING to get?

  9. Lyndi

    He worked really hard to get Xiomar out into the real world–but he made a few fatal errors that will put the prince in danger after all…

  10. S A Check

    Great Snippet! I love the detail about being two elves length away, very original. Orc vs. Elf – Let’s get ready to rumble!

  11. Entertaining as always, Lyndi! Can’t wait to jump into your books!!

  12. cpsingleton42

    He’s a bit whimpy; he couldn’t even smash the door off its hinges!! My gran would be better! lol
    Sorry, great description and very original!! well done!

  13. He’s like huge green version of Inigo Montoya. :) I really love the details in this, especially when you used “two elf’s lengths.” That makes this world that much more believable. Great descriptions.

  14. Lyndi

    Haha…My name is Inigo Montoya…. haha. Indeed.

    He should have perhaps snashed the door off the hinges…but Lane is a little new at this. Maybe next time…