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Abracadabra! Erin Danzer’s book makes its debut

Book Blurb: Fifteen-year-old Veronica “Ronnie” Lambert wants to get out from under her older brother’s shadow. When Ronnie gets a tattoo and then is struck by lightning, she suddenly finds herself able to see and hear things in shadows that don’t appear to others. Then Ronnie meets Gavin Clearwater, the hot new guy in all [...]

Author/artist Desiree Finkbeiner shares the story of ETHOS

Today we welcome sister Hydra author Desiree Finkbeiner! Thanks for being with us today. First, would you tell us a bit about yourself? It goes without saying that I love to create. Art, writing and anything crafty. I have 4 rowdy kids, one with Asperger’s Syndrome, which creates a unique challenge for our family. Working [...]

The Llathalan Annal series debuts! Meet Rachel Hunter

Today’s guest is the lovely Rachel Hunter, author of Empyreal Fate. We’re so glad to host a sister Hydra Publications author with her big venture. Welcome, Rachel! First off, I would like to thank you for hosting me on your site today. It is a great pleasure to be here indeed! Tell us about your [...]

Gwen Perkins mixes fantasy with romance and reality

Thanks to author Gwen Perkins for being with us today. First, would you tell us a bit about yourself? What area of the country do you live in, do you have a family, pets, etc. Are you a coffee fiend, or do you have another “addiction” you must have on your desk at all times? [...]