Approaching the Montana Vortex

As I’ve said before, I’m working on book four of the Clan Elves series, The Elf Guardian, and it focuses heavily on the area near Columbia Falls, Montana, known as the Montana Vortex . So this past week we spent time in the area, scoping out the vortex site itself and the surrounding areas.

We found it very interesting, though we were skeptical when we arrived, having watched an expose on the similar Oregon Vortex the night before on the SyFy channel. When you arrive at first, you see trees that look like this:

Then as you keep going into the layout, into the area where the vortexes come up through the ground, the trees begin to look like this:

The three of us reacted differently to the site. My friend from California said her hands felt warm, and her blood pressure went up as she came in contact with the energy forces. When I stood in the circle of trees, if I closed my eyes, I found myself compelled to lean forward, probably 60 degrees. Here the trees were twisted around, leading up to the sky:

Little Miss, however, was thrilled by the tippy house (which five years ago would have thrown her sensory issues into chaos) and she and Chase tried all the experiments in there:

Walking the labyrinth gave me some new insights and ideas to complicate the story and give it some depth. So I’d call it a successful visit–and we met the owners and told them about the series– another positive exchange. So I’m pleased with the research we got and the new developments. Now to finish the manuscript and get it ready for you, the readers!

The Labyrinth

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