SFFS Snippet from THE ELF MAGE (2012) for 12/17 Happy reading!

Something was definitely screwy.
Lane wondered how the laptop automatically brought up the map he’d wanted—without him touching the keyboard. That had been right out there. But an email from Max? How was that even possible?
DSL in the woods? The elves didn’t even have electricity!
Yet here it was.
Granted, Astan said that fragile, white-haired Max had a predilection for technology, unusual among the elves, but conjuring up lines of electronic communication ought to be beyond magic. Ought to be.


  1. Everyone knows Elves are wired for fibre-op. : )

    Great snip. I love the premise/setup.

  2. Magic electricity? Interesting premise.
    Nice snippet :)

  3. T.K. Toppin

    Cool snippet…elves, no electricity…that was funny.

  4. That darn Elvish magic!

  5. Great little snippet! Need a little bit of setup to know what the story is about, but gives a little glimpse into the world you’ve built.

  6. Elves and technology? Always an interesting combination.

  7. Oh, I love it when magic mixes with tech. :)

  8. Intriguing snippet, Lyndi! I love how you’re bringing in the modern world and how it will impact the elves.