Anitra Lynn McLeod: Wild West, space adventure, smart, sexy women–what’s not to like?

 Thanks to Anitra Lynn McLeod for being with us today.

First, would you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’ve been writing since I was 12.  I started out rewriting Archie Comics because I couldn’t stand what a doormat Betty was.  I had my first short story and photograph published when I was 16, but I didn’t publish my first novel until I was 43. 
Tell us about your most recent publication/whichever book you’d like to talk about today? 

Thief, a futuristic western romance, was just released by Samhain in November. 
What inspired you to write this story?
I have always read everything I could get my hands on, especially sci-fi, westerns, and romances.  It seemed inevitable I’d blend them all together at some point.
How would you best describe your book?
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century meets the Wild, Wild West.  But I think Susan Grant summed this novel up far better than I ever could:
“The Wild West meets space adventure—Anitra Lynn McLeod’s Thief is rip-roaring, sexy fun!”
Susan Grant, New York Times best-selling author of The Last Warrior
 What is your favorite genre to write? To read? 
Creating unique worlds is my forte, combining unlikely genres such as historical, fantasy, futuristic and erotic into a steampunky–and steamy–brew.
And I will read anything I can get my hands on.

What would you write if you could write anything you wanted to write?
I really would like to find a home for my German Medieval romances.  I have five novels that range from very sweet to erotic. 
What do you most like about writing? Least like? When did you first know you wanted to be an author?
I love the initial rush of the idea, the spark, the magical what if?  That is the best part.  I really don’t care for promotion.  I always feel a little awkward with that part.  I knew I wanted to be an author when I was 12.
Tell us a little about your path to publication. How many books have you published? How many books did you write before selling one?
I entered my first writing contest in 2004 and came in forth.  Several years and writing contests later, I entered my erotic futuristic historical fantasy Virgin Harvest in the “Launching a Star” contest. That was the contest that got me an agent and lead to a three book contract with Kensington. Virgin Harvest was renamed Wicked Harvest, and released in August 2009.  Dark Harvest released in May 2010 and Sinful Harvest will release January of 2011. 
I wrote about 20 full length manuscripts before I sold one.  So never, ever give up if you really want to write.
I’m excited about my new publisher, Samhain, who will carry on with the Onic Empire series by releasing Wicked Empress in March 2011, and Dark Empress in September 2011. 
Also, Thief is the first novel in my new Fringe series.  The next novel, Overlord, releases in May 2011.
Whew!  I’m going to be busy! 

What’s your favorite thing about the book featured here today? Any special memories you have in the creation of it?
My favorite thing about Thief is the warning label, which sums up the book so well:
Warning: Contains a celibate ship captain who can’t abide swearing, a kick-ass woman with a marshmallow heart, a motley crew of misfits, interstellar battles, thwarted groping, sensual seduction, and a total bastard who owns his own planet.

What are you writing now? What’s next for you—will you be making personal appearances anywhere our readers can find you?
I’m working on both the Onic Empire and Fringe series.  I also hope to launch a new series and I’m still looking for a home for my German Medievals.
Readers can visit me at:
and I’d really love them to fan me here:
All my contest announcements will be on that page rather than my personal page. Like the following, where you can win free books of mine and many other science fiction-romance authors:  But the contest ends December 26, s0 don’t wait!

What would you like to tell readers?
I have a terrible addiction to ChapStick.  Won’t you help me have a tube of ChapStick with me at all times by buying my books?  Thank you.