Intrigue, broken hearts and the Russian Mafia…a recipe for success for Autumn Jordon

Today we welcome Autumn Jordon, whose new release IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL comes out this month. 

Hi, everyone!  I’m so happy to be here today. Thanks for asking me to be a guest.

 A bit about myself:  I live in the mountains of PA with my hubby. We’re now empty-nesters. (Yes, we pushed the five kids out and now share the quiet with our sixteen year-old Yorkie, our baby Irish Setter who weighs 75 lbs and a cat named blue.) I love animals, thank goodness, because my kids brought every hurt or homeless fuzzy thing home.

 My home overlooks the valley which was my great-grand father’s farm. Most of it is still hay fields, but siblings and cousins’ homes dot the rest of the landscape.

 Tell us about your most recent publication/whichever book you’d like to talk about today? 

Shhh.. My new release, ‘In The Presence Of Evil’,  officially releases on June 15th, but I’ll tell you a secret, it’s up now on The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and a few other sites now. Tell everyone. LOL.

 I love the cover—don’t you? ‘In The Presence Of Evil’  is a thrilling romantic suspense.  In the story, senior loan officer GINA RIZZO becomes a pawn between two predators rivaling for the head of a Russian mafia family. One wants her alive. The other wants her dead.

 When Gina Rizzo is framed for the murder of her boss by a mafia hit-man, her only hope to stay out of jail is to accept the help of Cole Hanson, the man who disappeared from her life years ago, leaving her with a broken heart.

Staring death down is easier for Marine Cole Hanson than facing the woman who stole his soul and then betrayed him. However, when Cole sees Gina in handcuffs, old feelings flare and even though he doesn’t trust her with his heart, he willingly steps up as her alibi.

 Gina’s life is threatened and staying alive while hunting down a murder becomes their objective. Can they learn to trust each other again? And if they do, will their rekindled love be their demise?

 What inspired you to write this story?

 A germ of an idea came about because of an actual incident concerning a wire transfer at work.  I can’t say anymore about it.  I’m serious. I can’t. I was advised by a representative for a government agency.

 I took that idea and played what if with it and what would I do, besides run, and the first chapters of ‘In The Presence Of Evil’ were dashed off. 

 How would you best describe your books?

 The first word I thought of while reading this question was ‘fun’, because I enjoyed writing them. But my readers have described my novels as fast paced, thrilling, very sensual, great characters, heroines they identify with and heroes to die for.

 What is your favorite genre to write? To read?

 I love to read anything. It just depends what mood I’m in. Really.

 To write; I love working on both romantic suspense and fun contemporaries.  I’ve published both.

 What do you most like about writing? Least like? When did you first know you wanted to be an author?

 I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  I wrote my first story in grade story, was a reporter and editor for my junior high and high school paper.  After marrying, I got busy with kids and life and put the idea of writing for publication aside until the much later.

What I like the most about writing are the hours. They’re totally flexible. Some days I spent sixteen hours working and then sometimes I spend just a couple of hours writing and then I’m out the door.  I can work early morning, afternoon, evening and by the moon.  Oh, and the research.  You meet the most interesting people and learn so much while fleshing out an idea.

 What I like the least is looking for the elusive perfect word. Sometimes it can take hours to get one line right.  But, you know what? That’s like finding gold, so it’s all good.

Tell us a little about your path to publication. How many books have you published? How many books did you write before selling one?

 My path was about average, I guess. I started writing for publication in 2000 and sold in 2009.  I’ve heard some authors say they published in less time and others it took longer to find a publisher to believe in them. The business and technology changed so much in those years, and I think because of the advances more opportunities opened for authors.  They’re still opening.

 Evil’s Witness was my fourth full length novel I wrote. It was my 2009 Golden Heart entry which was a finalist and later won the 2010 Golden Leaf for ‘Best First Book.’

 How did you find a publisher? How did you receive the Call?

 I was actually looking to do an e-book and I’d heard great things about The Wild Rose Press, so I queried them in January 2009.  Via email, I contracted with them in February. In the end of March, learned ‘Evil’s Witness’ had become a Golden Heart finalist.  2009 was a very exciting year for me.  I signed a second contract too— for ‘Obsessed By Wildfire’.

What’s your favorite thing about the book featured here today?

 My heroine and hero. Gina and Cole are so meant for each other.  They were each other’s first loves and then life got in their way and tore them apart. Years later, Cole comes back to town and the passionate sparks are still there for both of them.  This time, when life comes at them again, they fight to hold on to each other.  I just love them.   

 Any special memories you have in the creation of it?

 Yes. When they finally fell into each other’s arms, I heard angels sing.  They were meant to be. And the ending… I can’t put the overwhelming emotion into words. You’ll have to read it.

What are you writing now?

 I’m nearing the end of another romantic suspense and then will be starting revisions on another. After that, I plan to work on a fun contemporary series.  

 What’s next for you—will you be making personal appearances anywhere our readers can find you?

I’ll be signing and speaking at the RWA National conference in NY at the end of June.  I’m in the process of setting up a few local signings in July. I And, I’ll be doing a signing with NY Best Selling thriller author, Jonathan  Maberry and a few PLRW authors in Palmer, PA on August 13th.  

But readers can reach me everyday at , , or on FaceBook  and Twitter.  Find me, like me.

What would you like to tell readers?

 If you’d like to be the first to hear my news or join my swag team, please jump over to my website and join my newsletter.  You’ll find swag team details under June’s newsletter. I also hold great contests just for my newsletter members, so don’t wait. Sign up. EVIL’S WITNESS  Amazon & B&N 2010 Golden Leaf Winner ‘Best First Book’ 2009 Golden Heart Finalist IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL COMING JUNE 2011

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