Door County, the Cape Cod of the Midwest: A Great Place to Set a Romance Novel

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By Alison Chambers

I just returned from a wonderful week’s vacation in Door County, Wisconsin, often referred to as the ‘Cape Cod of the Midwest.’  I wonder how many of you have ever been there.  If not, I can tell you it’s one of the prettiest spots on earth.  For those of you unfamiliar with Door County, it’s about forty-five minutes north of Green Bay and named after a dangerous water passage that had wrecked many ships at the tip of the peninsula called “Porte des morts” by French explorers or “Death’s Door.”

It’s a picturesque haven for artists and boaters, with clusters of quaint waterfront bed and breakfasts, art galleries, fine restaurants and unique craft shops, nestled on the shores of beautiful Green Bay.  There are so many cute gift stores men often complain they ‘overdose on estrogen’ having to visit them all!  Picture vendors selling apples and tasty Door County cherries—a specialty—and signs advertising fish boils, quilt shows, and antique sales.  Imagine concerts in the parks overlooking the bay featuring local entertainers.  Visit the amazing bookstores and maritime museums packed with dozens of fascinating tales of shipwrecks, ghost ships and my favorite—lost treasure.

We stayed at the Shoreline Resort, which is located at the ‘top of the thumb’ or the uppermost tip of the peninsula.  It has a beautiful view with a great in-house restaurant and it’s adjacent to the passenger ferry that leaves for Washington Island over twenty times a day.  Sometimes the ride over to the island is a little rocky, so if you have a queasy stomach like me, be prepared.  It’s also much cooler, since you are so far north.  The thirty-five square mile island is home to only 700 residents.  It has its own newspaper and its own airport.  There’s also a great restaurant on the island, the “Ship’s Wheel.”  Schoolhouse Beach is beautiful, but don’t take any of the rocks or you’ll be adding to the erosion problem.  But the biggest draw is riding the cherry train and visiting the Ostrich farm at the Double KW Ranch!  There’s a car ferry that leaves from Northport on the other side of Door County, which is also a lot of fun to ride, whether you’re in a car or not.  It’s a bigger boat, so it’s a much smoother trip.

One of the best things about Door County is that you can move from town to town at will.  Each charming little town—Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Ellison Bay, and Gill’s Rock—is barely ten minutes apart, so you don’t have to stay in one place, since there are so many fun things to do.  But these are the musts:  “Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor” in Ephraim, a tradition in Door County since 1906; the “City Farmer” store in Ephraim, for beautiful furniture and home accessories; “JJ’s LaPuerta” (the Port) in Sister Bay for the best whitefish and fried lake perch in town, my favorite; and “Pelletier’s” Restaurant in Fish Creek for a great fish boil (whitefish, boiled potatoes and onions, bread and a big piece of homemade cherry pie for dessert, using Door County cherries, of course).

While there are several towns on the Lake Michigan side of Door County—Jacksonport and Bailey’s Harbor—I think the Green Bay side is a lot prettier, with gorgeous watercolor sunsets painters only dream of, cool, calm waters and smooth, sandy beaches.  Dotted with dozens of sailboats, the horizon also boasts gorgeous views of several unusually-shaped islands, including “Horseshoe Island,” and craggy limestone bluffs.  But the Lake Michigan side does have the Cana Island lighthouse, a great one to visit.  Lighthouses have fascinated me for years and I have always wanted to stay in one. (something about the uniqueness of the circular rooms, I guess.)  They’re great for stories too!  There are also five state parks in Door County—Peninsula State Park is a favorite one to drive through.

And you can imagine such a beautiful place like this makes a perfect environment for a romantic story. Each of the places named would make a great setting for your characters to live, love, and laugh in.  In one of my previous books, “The Time of the 11,” soon to be available on, I set one portion of the book in Door County, but I plan to set a future book completely in this beautiful place.  And you can bet there’s some lost treasure involved!  Hope you can visit sometime and that you enjoy yourself as much as I did!  Let me know about your favorite vacation spot and why and if you’ve ever been to Door County!  Thanks!

P.S., went to Lake Geneva, WI, two weeks ago, another beautiful place, forty-five minutes south of Milwaukee.  Amazing how so many great spots are close by, especially if they’re on the water!

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