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Today’s guest is Vonnie Davis, whose debut novel, STORM’S INTERLUDE, is now available from the Wild Rose Press and other sources.  Welcome, Vonnie!

By Vonnie Davis

I love Native American history and teachings and enjoy studying their beliefs and symbols. That’s why I incorporated some of their rich culture into my debut novel, Storm’s Interlude. Storm Masterson, the hero, is half-Native with the ability to have “vision dreams.”

 These vision dreams allow him to see flashes of light into the future. For three nights before Rachel’s arrival on his ranch as his sister’s new nurse, Storm dreams about her blue eyes and sultry laugh. Physically powerful, sensual dreams, I might add. So when he meets those blue eyes face to face, his world tilts more than a tad. 

 Dreams come in a variety of forms or subjects. Some are populated with symbols. Animals, birds and insects have meanings in Native teachings. A dragonfly is the sign of the warrior, for example. The hawk is known as the messenger. The wolf, the pathfinder with a strong sense of family.

  Storm’s dreams are more like visions, showing snippets of future events. My book is highly charged with sexual tension and full of family love.

In the excerpt I’d like to share, Storm has just gotten off the phone with a very angry Rachel, the woman he’s come to love. He’s talking to his twin sister Sunny, who has leukemia.


“Seems I’ve got some groveling to do. I’ve really messed things up.”

“I’m surprised she gave you that long to talk. I’d love to know what she called you.” Sunny’s lips twitched as if she were amused. No doubt she was trying to lighten his mood.

“A ‘yellow-bellied, blue-balled weasel,’ for one. God, I love that woman. I never told you I dreamed of Rachel’s eyes and her laughter for three nights before I met her out on Longhorn Road.”

“Really? Wait. You’ve been having dreams like Daddy used to? How long? Why haven’t you told me?”

“The night after Dad died, I dreamed of you crying. Somehow I could sense your heart was broken. That’s why I pushed you so hard after his funeral to find out what was happening with your marriage.”

Storm reached for her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers just as they’d done as children whenever they were going to share confidences; just as he suspected they’d probably done in the womb. His dark eyes turned toward hers. “I dreamed about your cancer, too.” Sunny’s eyes filled with tears. “Dreamed of your being thin and frail and bald.”

“Is that why you insisted I see the doctor when I was so tired all the time and had that weird feeling of fullness under my ribs? That’s why you made me promise to ask for a complete blood work-up, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” He squeezed her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed her knuckles. “Those were scary times.” She nodded and swiped at a tear. Her diagnosis was his diagnosis, too, for to lose his twin would be to lose a large part of himself.

Sunny cast dark, dewy eyes on him. “I will beat this, you know.”


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  1. Thanks for having me today! I’m enjoying all your beautiful pictures of Montana you’ve got posted here. What a lovely area.

  2. Vonnie,

    I loved how you put in about Native Americans and the animals. I incorporate animals in my Native American Mystery novels

    I love the except

    On my must read list

    Walk in harmony,

  3. Lyndi

    It is some of the most beautiful country in the US…if it only didn’t snow from Labor Day till Memorial Day. Man. That’s hard to take. :)

  4. Melinda, thanks for your comment.

  5. Snow? Oh, Vonnie doesn’t do snow…lol. I especially don’t drive in it, not since I wrecked my car on a snowy icy road some years ago.

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